919 Cremation Jewelry Beautiful ways to carry a piece of your loved one

Life has a way of propelling you in different directions and sometimes events in your life can set you on a whole new course.  Creating jewelry was always a passion of mine in my evening hours, while I spent my days as a social worker, but that all changed on September 19, 2014.  My step-father took his life that day and my world was forever altered. To say I was devastated doesn't seem to capture the full emotion of what I was experiencing. Through my grief, I found ways to create rememberances of him and to continue to keep his memory alive. I wanted a way to have a piece of him that I could carry with me. I then began creating fused glass pieces with his ashes that I set into various jewelry settings. The first time I put on a necklace I made that had his ashes, I truly felt his spirit.  It brought me some peace and I found comfort in this jewelry.  Knowing how much it helped me through my grief, I wanted to offer this for others.  This is how 919 Cremation Jewelry came to be and is dedicated to my Step-father, Andy.