919 Cremation Jewelry Beautiful ways to carry a piece of your loved one

Frequently asked questions:

1. How long does it take to receive the completed jewelry?
From receipt of payment to you receiving the completed piece takes about 3 weeks. Much of that time is due to the mail. Once I receive the ashes, I need 1 week to create the jewelry. 

2. How do I get the ashes to you?
Once I receive completed payment I will ship you an “ashes kit” first class mail. This will include a container and instructions on mailing the ashes to me. USPS states that cremated remains should be mailed Express Mail. Cost of shipping remains to me is at the buyer's expense.

3. How much ashes do I need to send?

I only need a very small amount of ashes (less than 1/8 of a teaspoon) to create the jewelry. I will mail any unused ashes back to you with the completed piece of jewelry via Express Shipping. 

4. Do the pendants come with a chain?
Pendants come with a starter 18 in. silver or gold finish chain OR a 17 inch black leather cord depending on the style pendant you choose. The individual listings will specify if the jewelry comes with a chain or cord.  Sterling Silver chain is available for additional $20.  Chains do not come with any warranty.

5. How do I know the jewelry I receive has MY loved one’s ashes?
I have a systematic process for handling and storing of the ashes and creation of the jewelry. I have a procedure I follow when I receive the ashes, create the jewelry, layout of the jewelry, and package the completed piece. I assure you that the piece you receive will contain YOUR loved one’s ashes. You will receive a "Certificate of Authenticity" with your completed piece guaranteeing your loved one's ashes are in that piece of jewelry.

6. I'm worried the glass may break.

The key to ensuring glass stability is making sure that compatible glass is used in the fusing process as well as ensuring that the pieces are annealed properly. I follow those two guidelines in all of my glass fusing activities. Should a piece be dropped, it will not break.

7. How do I know I can trust you?

Doing this work is a true honor and one that I take very seriously. I have been creating jewelry for the past 10 years working with a variety of mediums. I began 919 Cremation Jewelry in January 2015 following the passing of my step-father. I have been selling since January 2015 on Etsy and received very good reviews from customers. You may visit my Etsy site: www.etsy.com/shop/919cremationjewelry  and read feedback regarding working with me. My Etsy site has recently transitioned to pet cremation jewelry only to align with Etsy policies. This site offers a platform for me to create individual memorial jewelry.  I assure you that cremains are handled in a respectful manner and the entire process is one of honoring that individual.