The process for creating cremation necklaces, earrings, or other designs into memorial jewelry by 919 Cremation Jewelry is detailed below:

Once you place your order, I will mail you a package with a plastic container to place your loved one’s cremains in. Only a very small amount of ashes is needed and 1/8 tsp is enough to create several pieces of jewelry.  Unused ashes will be returned you with your finished product via USPS Express Shipping. It is permissible to mail cremains through the US Postal Service. For information related to mailing cremains you can visit Ashes should be mailed via Express Shipping. Please read Shop Policies section for further shipping cost information. When you receive your first package, there will be instructions to guide you on how to mail the ashes to me.  I encourage you to submit a photo of your loved one as well and anything you would like to share. This will of course be returned to you with the finished piece.

Once I receive your loved one’s ashes, the process of creating your memorial jewelry begins.  This process is spiritual, respectful, and mindful. I cleanse my environment and clear my own energy so that I may experience the true honor of creating such works of art of another’s being. The pendant is created by fusing cremains in molten glass. You will see sparkles and bubbles amidst the ashes that are intentional and add to the wonder and amazement of the cremation necklaces or earrings.  Please trust that I will handle your loved one’s ashes with the utmost respect, honor, and consideration.  I am very aware of the energy that is involved in this type of work and my goal is to guide a positive energy exchange.

Once the glass is finished in the kiln, it will then be made into wearable memorial jewelry of cremation necklaces, earrings, or other design option selected.  Industrial grade epoxy is used to set the glass in the setting. It creates an extremely strong bond that will hold for a very long time.  You will not want to wear your jewelry in water for prolonged periods of time and it should not be worn in a hot tub, due to the intense heat. The finished product will then be mailed back to you in a gift box with a certificate of authenticity. The entire process from purchase to receipt of finished product takes around 3 weeks. Much of that time is due to the mail.

Local customers, feel free to contact me discuss alternatives to using the mail.